Java Culture *** Artists Idaho


Java Culture

Java Culture SCAM ARTISTS!!!!

This is hilarious!! These scam artists have picked up from their last scam shop in FT Lee Virginia and have landed in Boise Idaho!!! For those who do not know who the are just search here under "Java Junkiez" on rip off report or Google it. These *** artists have stolen from numerous employees, vendors, owners, investors, and even the military!!!!!! They are on the run. I am a resident of the city that they scammed in 2013 in FT Lee, VA. This is now the 13th coffee shop that they have "opened". What happend to the rest????? They are all shut down!

Java Culture

Becuase of all of the money and people they have stolen from, they were forced to hide out in Idaho and changed there company names. [continued below]....

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..... They are probably in witness protection or something. Why else would you go to Idaho???

Please help spread the word and warn everyone who walks into there shop!! Do not support these traveling *** artists!! This shop will be closed down in 6-12 months just as the others! They will then screw all the employees, vendors, land lords, community and whatever else the can.

  • Travis Flowers
  • Kristi Flowers
  • Java Junkiez
  • Boise Idaho
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